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"Camp Rebel" is a 30 minute short film project created by Natalie Christensen. Natalie is originally from Virginia and is currently a film student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Her goal for Camp Rebel is to create a film with a story told by BIPOC folks for BIPOC folks. 

In this story, Nani and her friends, who are all seniors in high school, spend their last day of summer camp together. After a fight with one of the other campers, Ridge, they run away from camp. Throughout their journey, they grapple with internalized racism, how their identities intersect and interact, and try to understand how they can move forward. This film will center around multiracial identity, sexuality, and gender roles.

Hiring Process

This film prioritizes hiring of BIPOC individuals for cast and crew.


Pre-Production & Production

Pre-production will occur starting early January 2021, and filming will take place from mid-May to early-June 2021 at Camp Paddy Run in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


Fund Management

This film is not being made for profit. All GoFundMe donations will go directly to the film/be added to stipends for actors and crew. Any profit that is made after distribution will be donated to mutual aid funds, or added to stipends for actors and crew if not already done so.


Post-production will occur from June to July/August 2021, with film festivals/distribution occurring immediately afterwards.